"Elite" means that the members of the association have to be the best professionally as well as entrepreneurially before they can be a member.

This assessment is not based on chance or sympathies. In addition to the assessment of colleagues and industry partners who know the industry very well, all Intercoiffure salons are continually tested anonymously several times a year! The Intercoiffure-star is therefore a seal of Quality similar to the hat rating system in the restaurants. Intercoiffure are represented worldwide in over 50 countries, 3,000 of the best hairdressers and around 60,000 employees are in the association. The vision of the elite of the industry is to share a common identity for the common interests and an intense cooperation in the hairdressing industry combining the most-creative minds! The sense of trends and the eternal search for the best in quality has been appointed to the Marco Inmanns Fashion Team Intercoiffure for Austria and Europe to follow. Another award was the award of Knight of the Ordre de la Chevalerie in Paris, an award for outstanding service in the circle of Intercoiffure. We should expect Marco's curiosity and joy for his work to be infused into the Intercoiffure scene for years.